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Introduction Dong Thien Nghi

1.    Introduction:

  • Name of Corporation in abbreviation: DONG THIEN NGHI CO., LTD.
  • Head office: Thuan Bac Hamlet, Thuan Thanh Commune, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province.
  • Telephone : 0723.745360 – Fax: 0723.745361
  • Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Business sectors:

  - Being specialized in producing anhd processing fashion garment, polo T shirts for men and women, bed skirts, pyjamas, children clothes. Being specialized in exporting to Countries in Eastern European. Concurrently, we are searching for other markets such as: Japan, Australia and America.

  - Trading machinery, equipment, acessories and materials for garment,  embroidery, textile fabric inducstry. Therefore, we constantly improve our production and competition capabilities. We pay much attention on product’s quality and design in order to meet our customer’s demand in the best way.

    ▪ Factory area : 4,500 m in the precinct of 10,000 m.
    ▪ Production capacity : 100,000-120,000 products per month subject to customer’s design.
   ▪ Equipment: our company is equipped with machinery, equipment specialized for garment and sceen printing industry, modern multi-head embroidery machine imported from countries such as Korea, Taiwan, China etc.
    ▪ Number of workers: 200 persons and will be expanded up to 500 persons.
    ▪ Workmanship : over 10 years experience in garment industry.

  - Our products are preferred and overvalued by importer around the world in potential markets such as Persia, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Russia etc.

Mission and Vision


Dong Thien Nghi Company increasingly better serve the beauty needs of everyone through gament products with many utilities and aestheticusm which constantly bring more added value for customers at home and abroad.

Old market with new products – New market with old products, providing more new model to you, prompting export of main items to overseas. Dong Thien Nghi Company is a pioneering researcher who brings unique and different products into the markets to affirm its position and trademark.


We become a company with advanteges in garment. We are developing production and bring more quality products across the world to affirm a strong brand in Vietnam.

Organization chart

With the lightweight flexible organization organ and well- experienced staff in production industry as well as in exporting sector, we easily adapt to market changes and meet diverse needs of all our customers.

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